How to add Waze to Android Auto?

How to add Waze to Android Auto?

Simply, Waze is a navigation app like Google Maps with some advanced features. So, is there any way to add Waze to Android Auto? Today in this article we will show "How to add Waze to Android Auto".

How to add Waze to Android Auto? [Step by Step Guide]

Step 1: Install Waze on your Android device. Follow the below steps to install the app.

  1. Open the Google Play store on your Android device
  2. Search for the "Waze" App
  3. Select the app and tap "Install"
  4. Wait until the installation is done

Step 2: Install Waze on Android Auto

After installing Waze on your Android device, you should also install it on Android Auto as the next step. Follow the below steps to install the app.

  1. Open Android Auto on your car console
  2. Select the "Apps" tab
  3. Scroll down and find the "Waze" app
  4. Select the "Install" button
  5. Wait until the installation is done

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Why is Waze better than Google Maps, and how accurate is the Lane Guidance?

The simple answer about the Waze's strength is that it IS geared toward community involvement so there are areas that have a very solid base map and others that do not. There are some places where Waze is superior to Google Maps and some places where Google Maps is superior to Waze.

But the main selling points are:
  • A vast majority of Waze data is community-driven. In places with a lot of editors, roads are usually very accurate and it can take Maps months or even years to update. In addition, if you report a map issue to Waze, you will get a human response 100% of the time.
  • Waze's routing algorithm is way more aggressive than Google Maps. Waze is way more likely to take you through side streets and local roads to get around traffic jams on the highway while Google Maps will usually avoid taking you off the highway.
  • Waze's crowd-sourced reporting lets users report everything, from traffic jams to speed traps to road closures to accidents to roadkill. Google Maps has a reporting feature but I don't know if many people use it or are even aware of it.
  • Waze has recently added lane guidance and road shields to navigation directions. Lane guidance only kicks in at intersections, exits, and road forks, it does not persistently tell you what lane to be in.

Why is Waze on Android Auto such a terrible app?

As there are over 130 million active Waze users I guess it is almost certainly not the worst navigation app. Also, it works fine for Android Auto. But, don't know how it supports CarPlay. However, Waze in Android Auto interface is updated all the time.

Why did Waze on Android Auto deliberately route me into heavy traffic and notify me of traffic incidents?

Waze isn't a traffic avoidance system or an oracle. It is a system that attempts to find the fastest route given available data. Sometimes, that data is wrong, incomplete, or simply missing. What would you have preferred Waze to do instead, and how do you propose that it would have known to do this?

Does Waze on Android Auto auto-enable the “avoid highways” option?

No, it could be a setting sync issue on your account. Try logging out, reinstalling the app, and logging back in. Make sure you have the latest version of Waze. This is not typical behavior. You may need to reinstall the app if it continues.

Why does Waze on Android Auto keep losing GPS intermittently?

If so happens, you need to try this.  Fix it by giving Waze location permissions at all times instead of only when using the app. Otherwise, you also can delete the app and then reinstall Waze with Android Auto. It will delete the glitch and work perfectly for you.

How to prevent Waze from starting automatically on Android Auto?

This issue commonly arises for CarPlay users. But, not for Android Auto users. However, we have a solution for them. Remove Waze from your phone and see if Apple Maps launches automatically, that's the only way of knowing if it is a Waze problem or an Apple problem.

Is Google just crippling Waze with Android Auto to make people change?

It's not just on AA, it sucks on Apple Car Play lately too. Half of the features don't work, and with every update, they remove more features from it. Not to mention that lately, Waze has taken 2-3 days to recognize roads are closed/highway ramps are closed to reroute you when Apple and Google Maps are updated the same day the closure happens, so Waze just completely changes you over on your drive.

When I connect my phone to Android Auto, why it does not force me to display Waze on my car's infotainment screen?

There is a specific sequence of steps I found today I can execute to display Waze on the phone while the phone is connected to Android Auto, where Google Maps is being displayed. I find I can connect the phone to the car, then run Waze on the phone first, and only after it boots on the phone do I tap into Android Auto on the car's infotainment center.

But, if I later call Waze in Android Auto, I cannot return it to the phone without first disconnecting the phone from the car. Now I'm running a routine on the phone that causes Waze to boot as soon as the phone connects via Bluetooth to the car. That seems to allow me to keep Waze on the phone's screen while Google Maps can run on Android Auto.

What about Waze app privacy and security with Android Auto?

It uses location when you're not using the app plus fitness information to identify when you get out of your car to mark your parking location automatically in the background after navigation is complete and the app is backgrounded. It asks for your contacts so when you type their name in search it brings up their address, or so you can easily send them ETA notifications.

To explain this better multi-tasking on iOS used to be very limited, in that GPS apps could only access GPS in the background if they were specifically doing navigation (or exercise tracking), etc. So, Waze has to ask for permission to access your location at any time, because by the time you've gotten to your location, navigation is complete, but Waze still wants to track your location for a little bit, and it's very likely after you reach your destination you're going to background the app. The "fitness information" refers to your step tracking/movement, so Waze can use the movement data to see that "phone was picked up, the user is walking... mark parking spot now".

Becoming aware of all these issues and knowing solutions for them will prove that Waze in Android Auto is designed in a user-friendly manner together with the highest quality. Also, don't forget to check our article on the 8 Most Common Issues of Screen2Auto and Solutions. So you are all set until we meet you with our next important article regarding Screen2Auto!