How to Add Any App to Android Auto Using Screen2Auto

How to Add Any App to Android Auto Using Screen2Auto

Android Auto is a platform that allows you to use certain apps from your car's dashboard display. Some popular apps collaborate with Android Auto and some popular apps don't.

We know that Android Auto has many app limitations. So, is there any way to eliminate these limitations and use those apps freely without any problem? Today, we will show you a solution for that. Wonder how is that?

We can do this through another similar application. The name of that application is Screen2Auto. Scren2Auto enhances your Android Auto experience by allowing streaming and mirroring. By relying on some of the common problems that users have when using Android Auto due to these app limitations, don't worry, we will give you a perfect guide on how to use Screen2Auto against these app limitations.

What is Screen2Auto?

Screen2Auto is a combination of two famous apps, Android Auto Mirror, and Android Auto Stream. Screen2Auto allows streaming and mirroring your Android device with Android Auto. You can also learn many more about Screen2Auto such as how to use it, what features it offers you, and how to use Screen2Auto without root by reading our article on 8 Most Common Issues of Screen2Auto and Solutions.

How to Download and Install Screen2Auto?

You can easily download and install the Screen2Auto app via our website. Let's see how to do it in detail.

Step 01: Click here and follow this link

Follow the above link to download Screen2Auto through our official website. You must use the Chrome browser to do this.

Step 02: Enable third-party apps to be downloaded on your phone as the app is not downloaded from Google Play

To do that follow the below steps;

Android Auto Menu → Settings → Security → Check Unknown Sources

Make sure the unknown sources tick is clicked prior to trying the installation.

Step 03: Install the app.

Install it and use it as a normal application.

How to Add Any App to Android Auto Using Screen2Auto? [Step by Step Guide]

After downloading and installing the Screen2Auto app on your Android device by following the above steps, you need to know how you can link it to Android Auto and how to add any app to Android Auto using Screen2Auto.

Let us explain how to add any app to Android Auto using Screen2Auto through a step-by-step guide.

Step 01: Connect your Android device to Android Auto

To do this, connect your Android device to your car's infotainment system through your normal USB charging cable.

Step 02: Open Android Auto

Make sure that you need to download and install Android Auto on your Android device. Now you have connected your Android device to your car's infotainment system. Find Android Auto on your car's infotainment system and open it. After that, a prompt will appear on your Android device. Follow that prompt to go forward.

Step 03: Go to the app menu

Now you have downloaded and installed Screen2Auto on your Android device and Android Auto. Now go to the app menu and find Screen2Auto.

Step 04: Open Screen2Auto on Android Auto

Now you are ready to use Screen2Auto. Once you open it a prompt will appear asking "Start recording or casting with Screen2Auto". You have 2 options to select "Start now" or "Cancel". By selecting "Start now" Screen2Auto will have access to all of the information that is visible on your screen or played from your device while recording or casting. This includes information such as passwords, payment details, photos, messages, and audio that you play.

Step 05: Start experiencing any app on Android Auto without any limit

Now, you will be surely able to experience your Android device's display on the car's infotainment system through Android Auto.

Make sure that you have installed the needed apps on your Android device to experience it through Android Auto. No matter what app you use through mirroring by Screen2Auto. But keep in mind while driving you need to concentrate on your and the other passenger's safety first. We invite you to stay tuned because we hope to bring you more updates and news on Screen2Auto.