How to Install AAAD?

How to Install AAAD?

If you are an Android Auto user, you may be searching for a way to download and experience the unofficial apps. So, is there a way to do that? Exactly, there is a way. Today we're talking about it simply without any complex steps.

In the upcoming sections of this article, we'll discuss "How to install AAAD" through a perfect step-by-step guide. We have also presented the relevant steps by proof by stating a true screenshot of how we did it through some simple steps!

How to Install AAAD (Android Auto Apps Downloader) and Add Third-party Apps to Android Auto?

So, as the first approach to this article on how to install AAAD and add third-party apps to Android Auto into Android Auto by yourself, consider the following accurate steps clearly understand what each step explains, and do the needful by yourself and become a pro-user of this AAAD application:

Step 1: Install & download Android Auto

If you are not an Android Auto user up to this point, go first install and download the Android Auto app from the Google Play store or by clicking the above link. If you have already installed and downloaded the Android Auto App, we kindly remind you to check whether your currently installed and downloaded app is up-to-date.

Install Android Auto

Step 2: Open Android Auto

So, as the second step, you need to open the previously installed and downloaded Android Auto.

Open Android Auto

Step 3: Tap the icon on the left top corner

By clicking on that icon, you can find this Android Auto app's settings menu as soon as it is clicked.

How to Install AAAD

Step 4: Go to Settings

As the next, step, go to settings and scroll down until you find the "Version" item in settings.

Install AAAD

Step 5: Repeatedly tap on that Version item

Approximately, you'll need to tap on this "Version" item about 9 times continuously to get access to the developer menu.

Download AAAD to Android Auto

Step 6: Click OK

When you have finished clicking on the above "Version" item as explained above, a quick prompt will appear and will ask permission to allow the "Development Settings". You have 2 options. Either you can tap on "OK" or "Cancel". To go forward, tap "OK".

AAAD APK Download

Step 7: Tap the 3 dots on the top right corner and select Developer Settings

As the next simple step, you must have the 3 dots on the top right corner of your Android Auto app interface and select "Developer Settings".

Add AAAD to Android Auto

Step 8: Find the Unknown Sources box

By selecting developer settings, you will be redirected to another page. So there you need to find the "Unknown Sources" box.

AAAD to Android Auto

Step 9: Tap on Application Mode and select Developer

Now you are almost ready to install & download AAAD.

Install AAAD to AA

Step 10: Install AAAD

To install AAAD, consider the following important points:

  • Open "Chrome"
  • Search for AAAD downloader or click on this link
  • Select the latest version of AAAD
  • Download the APK file and install AAAD

Step 11: Open the AAAD app

Now open the previously installed AAAD app and grant permission to install it from the source again.

APK Android Auto App Downloader

Now you have already completed the way of adding third-party apps to Android Auto. You also can check another way to add any app to Android Auto by reading our article on "How to Add Any App to Android Auto Using Screen2Auto". Also, you can read similar articles such as how to add;