How to Add CarTube to Android Auto?

How to Add CarTube to Android Auto?

Imagine if there is a way to play your favorite YouTube content on your car when your handbrake is on. This will keep you chilling every time in your parking session. But, is there a way to play YouTube on your car's infotainment system? Yes, there is a way. Now you have a chance to play your favorite YouTube videos on your car's infotainment screen using CarTube. Now, you may be wondering what is CarTube.

CarTube is the substitute way that you can watch YouTube videos through Android Auto. In this article, we will offer you a complete guide on "How to add CarTube to Android Auto". Don't worry. The entire procedure is discussed in this article!

How to Add CarTube to Android Auto Using Screen2Auto? [Step by Step Guide]

Step 1: Open the Android Auto app on your Android device

As the first step of how to add CarTube to Android Auto, we need to open the Android Auto app on your Android mobile. Make sure that you need to download and install Android Auto before this step. If your Android Auto is not opening, make sure that you need to disconnect your Android mobile from your car's infotainment system. Unless you cannot open Android Auto on your mobile.

Step 2: Go to settings

Scroll down and go to the bottom.

Step 3: Find "Version and permission info"

Find and tap it for few times until it says "Now you are a developer". We think that you should tap it on that exactly seven times.

Step 4: Allow development settings.

After you find and tap on "Version and permission info", soon after, a pop-up will appear asking you to allow development settings. Click "OK". So, now you are a developer.

Step 5: Click the "3 pins"

Again, scroll to the top and find the "3 pins".

Step 6: Go to "Developer settings"

The very next time, you need to go to the "Developer settings".

Step 7: Go to "Unknown sources" and tap on that tick

Now, search for an option known as "Unknown sources". What will it do is, it will allow us to download and install apps that are not on the device or Play Store that can work on Android Auto.

Step 8: Go to "Application mode"

Now, as the next step scroll to the top and find "Application mode".

Step 9: Click and select "Developer"

After finding "Application mode", click and select the developer which is the last setting on Android Auto to add this particular app called CarTube.

Step 10: Open "Chrome"

After finishing the settings on the Android Auto app to add CarTube to Android Auto, return to the home screen of your mobile and open Chrome.

Step 11: Search for "AA Store"

After opening Chrome, search for AA Store. AA Store is a software which you get the chance to download and install this particular app called CarTube.

Step 12: Click "Download"

Now, you need to download the AA Store to your Android device.

Step 13: Click "Install"

After the downloading is done, the AA Store is ready to install on your Android device.

Step 14: "Open" the AA Store

After the installation is also done, open the AA Store to do the rest of the steps. Soon after opening the AA Store, you will identify this particular app called CarTube on the top of the screen.

Step 15: "Click" the CarTube app

After identifying this particular app named CarTube on the AA Store, click and open it.

Step 16: Click "Install"

After opening CarTube in the AA Store, tap "Install". After clicking install, you can also observe the installation process in progress. Soon after the installation is done it will ask for some permissions. Allow them in confident if you need to add CarTube to Android Auto.

Step 17: "Open" the CarTube app

Soon after opening the CarTube app, connect your Android mobile to your car's infotainment screen supporting Android Auto via the USB cable.

Step 18: "Open" Android Auto"

Now you've arrived at the destination. Open Android Auto on your car's infotainment screen. Now you will observe that the CarTube app is there.

As of now, you've already installed AA Store, we remind you that you can also experience CarTube through streaming and mirroring via Screen2Auto. We have written a complete article on "How to add any app to Android Auto" through Screen2Auto. We invite you and recommend you to refer to that article so that you will have a complete idea of how to add CarTube to Android Auto and experience CarTube through streaming and mirroring.

Is this the best way to enable YouTube in Android Auto?

The screen mirroring apps will require you to root the device, I, do not root my devices. However, I did tool around with some of the screen mirroring apps like Screen2Auto via AAAD, and AASTREAM will function with LIMITED features without being rooted, however, it will require all input via the mobile device. AAAD does support YouTube via CarStream.

Can't you just use the official YouTube app instead of CarTube?

By using screen mirroring apps like Screen2Auto, you get the opportunity to experience videos through the official YouTube app.

Why CarTube on Android Auto only work when we park our car?

Practically, as we all know watching a YouTube video while driving isn't safe, CarTube works only when your car's handbrake is on. Soon after your car's handbrake is off, CarTube won't work.

What does CarTube on Android Auto offer its users?

CarTube on Android Auto will allow,
  • Video playback while parking
  • Background audio
  • Play to the next video and also the previous video
  • Unlock controller
  • Send the video to watch on-screen car from the YouTube app or Web Select the share option.