How to Add Screen2Auto via AAEase into Android Auto

How to Add Screen2Auto via AAEase into Android Auto
How to Add Screen2Auto via AAEase into AA

As we all know Screen2Auto is an app that allows you to experience any app via Android Auto through mirroring or streaming. There are several ways to add Screen2Auto with root and mirror your Android Auto screen to your car's infotainment system. But is there any way to add Screen2Auto without root? Yes, there is a way.

In the upcoming sections of this article, we'll talk about "How to Add Screen2Auto via AAEase into Android Auto" simply with a complete step-by-step guide. No matter if you don't know about Android Auto or Screen2Auto. Whether you have zero knowledge about these things you'll be a pro if you carefully follow these simple steps.

How to Mirror Android Auto without AAAD & PC, without root Using AAEase

Step 1: Install and download Android Auto or Update Android Auto

As the first approach to add Screen2Auto via AAEAse into Android Auto, you have to make Android Auto available on your device. Here is a simple guide on how to install and download Android Auto to your device;

  1. Go to the Google Play Store
  2. Search "Android Auto"
  3. Tap "Install"

If you have already made available Android Auto on your device, check for the latest version. If your app is not in the latest version, visit Google Play Store and "Update" your existing app to the latest version.

Step 2: Go to "App info"

When you have fulfilled the above step 1,

  • Go to the settings of your device
  • Select Apps and notifications
  • Tap on Android Auto
  • Go to App info
Android App info

Step 3: Go to "Android Auto" Settings

As the next simple step, go to Android Auto App Settings

Android Auto Settings

Step 4: Find the "Version and permission" bar

By tapping on the version and permission bar, a prompt will appear asking to allow "Development settings". By allowing these development settings, you are intended for development use only and should not be used to circumvent Android Auto's App approval requirements.

Android Auto Version and Permission
Important fact: These settings can lead to app behavior that is unsuitable for the driving environment. By tapping on "OK" or "Cancel", you can experience it at your own risk.
Android Auto Development Settings

Step 5: Tap on the "3 dots"

Android Auto

Step 6: Select "Developer settings"

AA Developer Settings

Step 7: Tap on the "Application mode" bar

AA Application mode

Step 8: Select "Developer"

AA Developer

Step 9: Download "AAEase" APK

As the next step, you need to download the AAEase APK to your device. By clicking here, you'll be redirected to the relevant site. There you can easily fulfill the AAEase 0.4 APK download.


Step 10: "Install" AAEase App

Install AAEase App

Step 11: "Open" the downloaded & installed AAEase App

AA Ease App

Step 12: "Allow" AAEase APK to access photos and media of your choice


Step 13: Next, you'll observe the relevant apps in AAEase

AAEase 0.4 APK download

Step 14: "Select" Screen2Auto

AAEase Screen2Auto

Sep 15: "Download" Screen2Auto

Download Screen2Auto

Step 16: "Allow" installing Apps from AAEase

  • Tap on AAEase settings
AAEase Settings
  • Go to AAEase "App info"
AAEase App info
  • Permissions
  • Allow this source
Install unknown Apps
Important fact: By tapping on "Allow from this source", you'll be allowed to install any app from this source.

Step 17: "Install" Screen2Auto

Install Screen2Auto
As we have reached the end of this step-by-step guide on how to add Screen2Auto via AAEase into Android Auto, we also thought to place a reminder that there is a way of "How to Add Any App to Android Auto USing Screen2Auto". Also, you can read the articles on;